Experience VANDAAG on these land parties 2022

The sun is currently shining from the sky and summer is on its way. That's really good for all of us right now, isn't it? 
We have a lot planned for this summer and really want to meet the VANDAAG community. You can visit us on different dates at great locations and share the fascination of watches with us.

Landpartie Burg Adendorf (May 26th-29th 2022)

The hosts Georg Freiherr von Loë and wife Gabriela Freifrau von Loë invite you to the Landpartie Burg Adendorf on Ascension weekend. Over 180 exhibitors, a supporting program full of art, culture and unique experiences await you on the stately estate in the municipality of Wachtberg in the south of Bonn. We are there for the first time and very excited, we have already heard a lot of good things.

Landpartie Schloss Gödens (June 2th-6th 2022)

This country party is a home game, so to speak, because Gödens Castle is located in the municipality of Sande in the Friesland area, only about 70 km from our Oldenburg home. We were already here in 2021 and are looking forward to meeting many local VANDAAG friends. But since Gödens is located not far from the North Sea coast, it is also worth a short trip from other parts of Germany to combine the visit to VANDAAG with a little vacation this Whitsun weekend.

Landpartie Gut Lembeck (June 16th-19th 2022)

In the town of Dorsten on the border of the northern Ruhr area and the southern Münsterland you will find the Lembeck Estate. The hosts Count and Countess von Merveldt are looking forward to many visitors, and so are we from VANDAAG.

We hope there is a date for you and we will see you. Feel free to write us when you're coming by.