Schallmauer Automatik hands and leather strap

The Watchtime in Düsseldorf, the Winterpartie in Gödens and other nice meetings allowed us to collect a lot of input and reactions to the Schallmauer Automatik. In the last few days we have completed the final details.

White borders for the hands

The BGW9 and Old Radium luminous material of the main hour and minute hands have been previously - as seen in the pictures - bordered by our hand edge tone-in-tone to the dial color. This looked very well integrated, but was not optimal for the desired clear readability of hour and minute.

After further testing, we came to the decision to also equip the hands of the black and blue dial variants with a white rim for maximum legibility. This was already the case with the Old Radium variant with black dial and silver totalizers and was very well received.

Tapered leather strap

For the heavy duty aviator style of the watch, we initially flirted with a leather strap that had no taper and went through the bandwidth of 22mm.

However, we have now changed this and implemented a taper from 22mm to 20mm. It wears much more comfortably for different wrists as a result, and again, it doesn't detract from the rugged style of the watch.